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Nisiza, Koropi, Greece


About us

With more than 20 years of expertise and know-how in Coffee Roasting and Production we can help you develop new products or customize existing ones to meet your customers’ needs. Coffee sourcing from more than 10 different countries Offering a full product portfolio including Chocolate and Tea Beverages. Can deliver any Roasting, Aroma, or flavor profile. Can design and print custom packaging for your product.


Establish ourselves as the leading coffee roaster providing our clientele with upgraded coffee & beverage solutions to offer unique, tasteful experiences to their consumers.


We are committed to always offering a unique experience with a focus on coffee, choosing what is extraordinary.


Covered area of 2.500 sqm with production capacity of up to 2.500 tons per year. 10 million euros in additional investment for a new state-of-the art production facility with advanced, high-volume capacity production lines, to support our ambitious international expansion projects, incorporating it into our stakeholders’ daily lives.


1. Green Bean delivery/Drying stage

The green coffee beans need to be dried. Coffee beans have around 10% humidity, which all needs to be extracted before any roasting. Screening process is being applied to have the best beans available. All Coffee purchased come from Certified Suppliers According to ICO & CQI as well as the Coffee Quality Institute.

2. Roasting stage

The roasting stage is the main process, and the most important one as the coffee beans will advance all their flavours, character, and colour during this process. Each type of coffee demands a different process during roasting. By altering the temperature and duration we can have different coffee profiles and characteristics. We have worked out the perfect formula for our coffee beans.

3. Cooling stage

The beans have been dried and roasted. Then on we interrupt the roasting stage to swiftly bring the beans down to room temperature. By quickly reducing the temperature of the coffee beans after roasting, the beans can store all their unique flavours.

Safety & Quality

We apply processes ensuring best quality and are committed in delivering products of the highest standards.

• Sampling in all the roasting stages
• Storage in a controlled environment with Relative Humidity of >70%
• Capping: More than 12.000 samples annually
• Organometric Evaluation according to the SCA Standards
• Controlled Release Process: We guarantee that only the best Roasted Beans will be packaged for you.

Supplying directly our network we ensure the competitive advantage of controlling & assuring the coffee quality at all times, handling & defining fair prices through avoidance of price fluctuations.

The factory is certified with ΙSO 22000:2018


Through the years we have developed a strong Food Safety Management System that leads to the continuous improvement of all processes, having immense impact on the safety of the final food products Packaging.
ISO 22000 combines several national food safety standards into a simple, internationally recognized set of responsibilities and requirements, incorporating elements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) as well as other leading precautionary procedures. Consequently, GRAND S.A through these specific procedures is committed to a comprehensive and proactive management including all production and storage stages, with a view to meeting high quality and safety standards for all its products.


Certified by the Organic Products Certification Control Organization, “DIO”, for both the Management and the production of organic products in accordance with the current European Legislation and EC regulation 2018 / 848