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Nisiza, Koropi, Greece


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From harvesting the coffee beans to its extraction, the process we follow is always the same. Grand Blends are created to satisfy even the most demanding coffee lovers


The undeniably irresistible drink! You can discover the classic chocolate drink powder or choose the flavour that will elevate the senses of your customers to the highest level. You can choose from white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, salted caramel, and hazelnut. You can also find sugar-free chocolate and cocoa.


For those of you who want to add to their portfolio tea products, Grand SA offers exquisite blends with scents and aromas of different types of tea combined with fruits, dried flowers, and herbs. We can create for you a proposal for your customers tailored to their needs. The beneficial properties of tea and herbs, to relax, to be stimulated or just to enjoy a tasty drink, emerge from a glass of our blends. A wide variety of different types of black, green, red and white teas and infusions are available for you to try